The comfortzone

xp-124The feeling you know, when you sit down to share your innermost and inspiration suppose to flow and it is blank, blank as a sheet of paper.

What is it that makes performance causes us to be paralyzed? What is the fear? Is it because the words are not to be read, or that the words you write should reach out and touch someone? In my case it’s the comfort zone that holds me back with a rubber band tied to the foot as soon as I step outside its familiar walls.

I know that comfort zone is only a false sense of security that does not have more to offer than the “rat race”, reality shows on television and tacos on Friday.  Yet, it’s familiar walls are so very convenient. BUT I will not be convenient, I want to feel that I’m alive, to have the adrenaline in my veins and the heart slightly pounding in my throat, because I know that every time I challenged myself to this date I have discovered new horizons and I have grown as a human being.

So for me, this anxiety represents a fear of not being good enough. But I AM good enough, like all who challenge their fears and grows as a person are good enough. Everyone is enough!

2017 is the year when I’m going to give myself the opportunity to become the best I can be, and this I will manifest through every day to do:

-something I’m not comfortable with.

-write “Miracle Book”. (More on that in the next blog post.)

-meditate and reflect at least one hour.

This I will do to give force to my awareness and continue to develop myself to the best I can be. I can heartily recommend doing this daily to keep the focus on what you want to achieve. The aim is to become comfortable with your debauchery from the comfort zone.

As my childhood friend anxiously asked, sent via text message the other day. NO I have not been brainwashed or joined a cult 😀 I have gone through the steps of an online training in digital marketing that puts a lot of focus on personal and professional development.

I wish u all a wonderful week with lots of love!



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