Do you love your work? 

Latley I’ve noticed when I talk to people in my surroundings about what they do for a living, they have one thing in common every Sunday…

They are unhappy with the new week to come, because they don’t feel fulfilled with what they do… (I’m not saying that everyone is unhappy with their job but many are) what is the reason they don’t feel fulfilled and have the thoughts about what illness they may catch before Monday morning?

I’ve been there too, anxious and with a funny feeling in my gut, the feeling that I waste my time! Isn’t it supposed to be more in life than this so called”trade time for money”? Of course there is, you just need to decide not to settle for anyting less then what you dream of doing.

I belive we have come to this world to be free both in the soul and in life, our lives is too precious to be spent in the “rat race”trading time for money with a job that makes us both bored and ill in the long time. If you want to be an employee then at least find something meaningfull and uplifting to do for a living.

So to all of you who’s tiered of the life inside the box be brave, discover new paths and let life be the tickling adventure it was ment to be. Let go and feel the air under your wings, the universe works with you and want you to succeed.

I want to give you an affrimation to repeat several times daily:

“I’m so happy and thankfull that I have found my life purpous”

This will help you attract what you wish for.

Oh, last week I promised to let you know more about my book of miracles.

So here’s the link to the guideline to write a Book Of Miracles


Love Marica


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