Some stay some goes, change is the only thing constant


A few weeks ago I finished my E-book “The Power of Downscaling” and I promise that things happen in one’s life when using the steps. Last time I did a cleanup in my stuff was 2012 (writes about it in the book) and then we moved to a caravan.

After this, my husband and I gathered new things every now and then, like furniture to a larger accommodation and things to our baby. It is natural, but now it’s time again to cleanse.

However, I could not believe that it would be as it has become, but it is ok and I get stronger and stronger every day.

We have cleared things out since the beginning of January, given away to friends and family and sold some valuables and now the last goes to charity. During this time, I have changed from the inside out not only by this process, but with the help of the people I’ve met in the program I’m involved in and all the training in personal development I received. I have learned a lot, and got a completely different view of how to live life to the fullest and that I control my life by my way to relate to things, it’s all about mindset and to be the master of feelings and thoughts.

I had anticipated that people around me would note this change and that some would question or even dissociate, and I was right. In a perfect world we could see the similarities in each other and in each other’s way of life, instead of focusing on the differences and to let fears control us. Fear can have many guises, which says it only wants your best, the one that says it does it out of love and those who do not veil themselves at all without the anger and recriminations. Love for me, if it comes to a partner, friend or a neighbor is faith, trust and consideration. If I put myself first, does not mean I do not love or care about others.

Some relationships are not meant to be for life, some relationships have a purpose to teach us something about ourselves. I have learned self worth, enough is enough. I accept that not everyone shares my point of view but I want to be shown respect and acceptance for what I believe in, if you do not give me that respect, but believe they have the right to suppress me and manipulate me then you are wrong. I am my own critic, and nowadays my own critic is very loving and understanding and that is how I want it to be.

We need to make love not war, we need to see each other and understand that we are more alike than the differences we have. I challenge myself when I am moving in the community to meet the gaze of the people I meet, I get a little sad when I realize that I find it difficult. But I do it and you know, for every person I meet, it becomes a little easier. The smile I give will receive a response and a cheering. This is what I want to develop more of with myself, to grow in the encounter with other people and I also want to convey to others. I want to create my best life and I want to help others to create the best life they can get, with abundance, love and prosperity on all levels of life.

I’ve realized that if you close one door a new one will open…

Love to you all,


P.s If you are curious about: ”The Power of Downscaling” and would like a copy, please join my Facebook group. Link is up above 🙂 D.s


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