10 things to be outstanding

In order to become the persons we want to be we need to understand that we must do something today that is different from yesterday. It’s hard but it’s as simple as it is, before you can walk you need to learn how to crawl.

I have implemented some “rules” in my life to overcome my imprinted patterns and habits and I´d like to share those with you guys. We need to want the change as much as we need to breathe to be outstanding, and we need to be willing to let go of things, “in this life you only get as much as you are willing to let go of” as Osho writes. I do notice many changes in my own life as an entrepreneur, it’s baby steps but in someways it feels like quantum leaps. Things starts to turn over night and I feel like a new person in many ways.

So here’s the 10 things to become outstanding 🙂

  1. Express yourself. Be who you are and don’t apologize for yourself, life doesn’t go on repeat and it’s no time to live someone else’s life. Be unique and do your thing, haters will always hate but the one’s who loves you gonna love you anyway.
  2. Self love. Not in an egocentric way, but in a healthy way. You know, you’re gonna live with yourself for the rest of the time on this planet.. It’s not going to be a pleasant journey if you can’t stand yourself. Be humble and forgiving and tap your own back if no one else’s around.
  3. Change routines. Instead of reacting on situations, try to stop and ask yourself “is this helping me” or “does this matter in a period of 5-10 years”? If not, let it pass.
  4.  Be the master of the mind. Instead of letting feelings and thoughts decide whether it’s a good or bad thing you’re going through, be objective. In many situations we do seem to have our lives on autopilot, instead be aware and be awake. Honestly, how many times have you missed an opportunity just because you were close minded? I sure have lost the counting of mine. The thing is, life isn’t black or white it’s a broad spectra in between, so be alert.
  5. Spread the LOVE. It’s easy to go all in to something we’re passionate about and in all the creativity lose track on what’s most important in life, family. Money can buy us happiness in some ways but not family, I talked to a girl the other day about how’s it been growing up in a family with two parents working in the self employee sector and they were never present. She’s now in her own business and swore to never spend that much time at work, to stake the family. And don´t forget to praise the people around you, see something good, tell it.
  6. Be patient. Let it take time, have trust in the moment. we’re exactly where we’re ment to be. If we rush forward without right tools there’s most likely certain to fail. At the same time we need to be persistent and determined to become outstanding and successful, and don’t stop the drilling before we’ve reached the gold.
  7. Master your fears. I know I’ve written about this in another post (here). But it can’t be said enough times, kill the comfort zone. All our fears and implemented believes are only weighing us down and keeps us clinging to the past. I use to locate the fear in my body, where it is and if it’s physical, then I think of this bright, strong and white light burning the feeling of fear away. The power of thought is amazing, cause it works at 99% of the time, though I might need to redo it the next time I get in a similar situation. Be creative and see how it works for you.
  8. Forgiveness. Forgive and forget, we don’t need to walk around on this planet and think of how other people done us wrong in the past. In this way we miss out on things in the present moment. I have added this to my Book of Miracles as it’s so important to let go of things in order to start each day anew.
  9. Be passionate and keep on learning. To be passionate about what we’re doing and have our why held high in our heart is important, because the minute the passion and the why fades that’s when we loose track in our businesses. To do what we love, read books/articles/blogs, see movies and learn more about what interests us is one of the most important tings to keep the geist alive.
  10. I’m responsible. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of self pity and to blame someone else for our own mistakes. We need to wake up and realize that we and not they are the one’s who’s gonna make a change in this world, society, business and in this life. If I don’t show up at work on Monday morning or the rest of the days I can’t blame anyone else for not being paid.

And do remember failure and mistakes are blessings in disguise.

Wish you a fabulous week!




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