Self destruction and healing

Did you know that 95% of the decisions we take on a daily basis are ruled by the unconscious mind, aka the part of the mind that holds all the beliefs, safety thinking and habits?

This means that only 5% of the decisions are made out of curiosity, openness and new thinking.

I think this is scary, because it makes all of us kind of close minded. Don’t you think?

I am into self destruction right now, I don’t exercise, I overeat and I start to think of all the “wrong” decisions that’s got me at this point.

If I resonate with my subconscious mind and look at all the fears I recognize old patterns, when things get tough in my life or I get into the fields of the unknown and uncertainties I punish myself by eating too much and things that makes me ill in the long run, and I stop practicing yoga wich is helping me stay sharp and balanced.

I escape from my own feelings and by letting the safety systems kick in I find myself inside the comfort zone again..

Why this time?

We are stuck in the marina for the past 1,5 months due to a engine change and the following unlikely issues with that. This has caused us to lift the boat and take the propeller down.

Living on a boat in the water is a piece of cake contrary on land, especially with a toddler. So we have been trusted with some great family members who have offered us sleeping places. I am overwhelmed and so happy and thankful for the generosity of these people.

It’s hard to live like this, especially when we had the plan for this summer to be independent and sail around in Vänern to look around here before we leave for opeb waters.

So what is different this time from the past? I have a more open mind, I see the patterns and the old habits. I may not deal with it yet but I see it and I will be working on it from now on. This will make me use lesser of my subconscious mind and more of my conscious mind, I think.

Here’s a link to a great article about the topic.

I am convinced that I will work on this and become more and more aware of my own issues and obstacles that i put in my way. From now on I will deal with the uncomfortable feelings and negative thoughts.

Hope you enjoyed, and I promise to be back soon to post something new. And remember…

You become what you think of the most



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