Count down

Friday and packing day, not that easy to know what items to pack and not. Probably we’ll use a lot less then we think, I start to get a bit nervous.

We have finally done the final touches on the boat and she’s now ready for the winter.

We are now located in my parents caravan outside of my sisters home, enjoying the last days with family and friends.

Tomorrow we’ll meet up with Daniel’s family and celebrate his nephew turning 6 years old. A great way to say goodbye and so long before we leave.

Sunday will probably be a lot of nerves on my part, since neither of us have flown before it feels a bit scary. But “what goes up must come down”, as you say. We’ll be just fine and this is our great adventure. We will enjoy the final day with some friends and hopefully get some sleep before we go.

Now my sister and I will enjoy some movies about Tenerife on YouTube.

Wish you a good weekend 😃



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