Here we are now…

Such a lovely place, tiny alleys with stone houses in different colors though most are white. We have landed both physical and emotional.

We have wandered the streets of Vilaflor upwards and downwards a countless of times already in five days. It’s a village with all you could want for a vacation.

If you are interested in living here then you need to get used to no credit cards, no stress and dogs running around the streets like cats do in sweden.

When you are a swede like we are it’s a bit hard to get used to the standards and the way it’s done down here, but we are willing to learn and approach things with as open minds as we can.

Things started out a bit different than we planned, a flue hit Daniel on Tuesday and as I write this i feel it in my throat.

Today we took the bus to Los Cristianos to get some things needed for me to be able to work. And the most important thing, I got to swim in the ocean. Me and Pelle bathed but Daniel isn’t that keen of a dip as we are.

We were supposed to get down to cristianos early morning but when we had waited for the bus in thirty minutes we gave up and went back to the apartment, later I found out our phones switched back from Canary time zone to Sweden’s… It’s one hour ahead, so instead of waiting for the bus at six thirty we where waiting at it at five thirty.

I think the universe try to tell me to losen up a little bit, control is just an illusion, I know! Promise myself a bit more relaxation, deeper breathing, and laughter. Less stress, tension and worry and I’ll be just fine.

Tomorrow we’ll explore more of these beautiful surroundings.

Take care!



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