Since early teens I have been playing with the cards… Not the poker cards or the Pokémons, but the Tarot cards. I quickly realized that they had things to tell me and that these things were accurate and understood by the one I read it for.

20 years later…

I’m tired of hiding away sides of me that may or may not be accepted by the majority of people, I have received guidance to go my own way in many areas of life and I now realize that the jigsaw-puzzle can’t be complete without all the pieces.

I am a tarot reader and I’m damn good at it!

It feels nice to write that, to accept this side of me as something to be proud of.

I’m so happy for the coincidence that made me stumble upon a advertisement for this callcenter in need of people with this ability to read the tarot cards.

For two months now I have been working with helping people with guidance over phone. This is amazing and it let’s me work when I have the time.

It feels so good inside to help people and give guidance. Sometimes it’s harder but every night when I get to bed I have the feeling of contribution and that I get to give some hope and meaning to those peoples lives .

I will work on this and hopefully I can help more people in the future.

If you have any questions or want to get a personal reading, please reach out to me and we make an arrangement that works for both.

Click here and send me a personal message.

Wish you a good evening ❤️



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