Bye April, hello May

When I write this it is the 30th of April and we are about to enter the month of May. This day marks the end of winter and the start of spring time in Sweden. We light fires to burn the old and to make space for the new. I think it’s a good way to mark the new beginning in the circle of life. 

In exactly a month from now we will be living on our boat, sailing lake Vänern and enjoying a life of freedom, free from ordinary things like rent and electricity bills. We do have our plan, but who knows where this adventure might end up? 

As we are getting closer to this move, to my own surprise I feel calmer and calmer. It is like all the things that I have been through up to this point has been preparing me for this. 

I think this is my way to ultimately listen to my inner voice, for all my life I have been pushing it aside and rediculed it as nonsense and wished for myself to be “normal”. But f**k it, I am who I am and this is my life. 

I might just be nice to me, find the self love for myself and just go my own way. It happens to be so frankly, the haters are going to hate even if I live a “normal” life so I might as well give them something to really hate. I love the lovers, the people who are happy and sharing that don’t se others success as a threat to their own happiness. 

The thing is, we all have the birth right to be happy, to have love and prosperity. The thing stopping us is… Ourselves! We are standing in our own way by accepting beliefs that aren’t even our own, implemented by others in our early childhood by parents and grown-ups who are impacted by their parents, etcetera. 

We have the choice to believe in them or to start questioning them, most of us for example think that we are not worthy of this or that.. We are! Have you ever seen a wild animal questioning their ability to survive? Humans think that we have to do this or that to be worthy of this or that. 

Yes, as we live today. We need to have an income to afford to consume all the luxury we created. But if we look up from our busy lives and see all the people living alternative lives, they do survive in Alaska or in the jungle in an isolated island in the South Pacific Ocean without or with small amounts of money. 

I read a line in a book some time ago, I don’t remember which book or the writer but it said: “in this life we only get as much as we are willing to let go of” 

My interpretation of this is to be willing to offer the short term benefits for the long term benefits, and if I’m not at peace with my current situation, I see the possibility that changes I make may get me to a place or situation I can find peace in. 

Let’s make this May 2017 the year and month that you spend some quality time with you, appreciate you and be your own best friend. Because if you don’t want to spend time with you, why should anyone else do? You are worthy, you are enough and you have all that you ever wanted within your reach if you only move out of your own way, by this I mean love you and allow you to have your dreams come true. 




The answer is love 

Sun’s shining brighter than for many days, makes you wanna sit against a wall with the nose turned towards the sky. But nope… We are going for a roadtrip today, we are fortuned to afford to buy us a dinghy for our adventures at sea, yay! 

As I enjoy the ride south in our beautiful and spring green country I reflect on how much the attitude towards life matters. 

Ten months ago I didn’t have the knowledge I have today, I had read a lot of self help books showing how to implement these or those complex rules or techniques into your life and you will “live happily ever after”. 

It left me frustrated, and with a feeling  like I was missing something or that this was not the whole truth, my intuition told me that it has to be a much simpler way to be happy and feel more joy in life. 

I ran over a training program focusing on affiliate marketing, little did I know this was going to change my life and attitude towards everyone and everything. 

Love, the answer is love. This is written in all the religious texts weather its the Bible or the Torah. I believe we have been mislead by a few leaders who have big egos and a lot of fear. Leading the whole world in to believing that it has to be complex and hard to be happy. And I can see how the industry don’t want people to love themselves or others, if they did so the consumption of anti aging products and luxury products worldwide would decrease insanely. 

It’s as easy as this, in fact that is the reason it’s so hard. Because our mind is thought to think complicated thoughts. And our communities are teaching us to live our lives with certain standards, and those who are not, is treated as outcast. Simply because they threaten the stability of the norm in the society. 

So live a life with love, start to love and approve yourself then the rest will follow. I will keep on learning and exploring more about love in my life. As I do so I will shre my experiences with you. 

I have thought about sharing my way to apply this to everyday life in a future post so if you liked this one, please follow and share. 


Now we’re on our way home, a second-hand dinghy and some new clothes in the baggage. I feel gratitude for a good day spent on the Swedish west coast, salty winds and happy people in the sun. 

Blessings from route E45 in Sweden!