Embracing the change and joyful hearts  

Soo, we’re in the water, the rigging is on the boat and all our belongings, what’s left of it, is soon in place. Time’s ticking and we are about to leave the keys and the apartment in just 15 days.. Hopefully sooner. 

Last week I wrote about the feeling of holding on to material matters and fear of the new. Now I feel relieved as I knew i would, a bit stressed about all the things we haven’t got sold or picked up of their new owners, but nothing major. 

We just state that we need to take a second turn in the clearance, we still have too much things and we don’t want to overload the boat. She need to be able to perform well at sails. 

This time it feels different, I don’t feel the same resistance as the first round. We continue to change, even if we don’t recognize it because the changes are small, one day it hits us how diffrent we responds to things which we before thought was hard or maybe impossible. 

That is a significant attribute of being human, and the statement that “the only thing constant is change”. In my own life, I can see the difference between the heights and the lows, it’s how embracing of the changes I am. 

In times of lower energies I know that I find it hard to cope with change and resist it with all of my being. In times when I am in the higher energetic fields I feel the flow and can see the big picture and I welcome the new with arms wide open.  Can this be a key to happiness?  

I think so, in the higher vibrations we are open to the universe and it laws to work through us and the constant change will be a receipt that we are exactly where we’re supposed to. 

This leads me to the quote about comparison, no one in the whole wide world have the same life purpose as another, as much as this western society tells us to fit in and be a like we are unique and non is either superior or inferior. We are here to fulfill our own and unique missions and this puts us up to the test.

 A test of how true we dare to be to ourselves and our hearts. We can’t listen to others in this case, we need to listen to our heart. 

I know this is hard and I can sign the paperwork of the challenges it takes to be comfortable with this actions, but what options do we have? I ask myself, often, what are the options? And I find it clear. There isn’t any other good options for me. Because I know, not making a choice is also a choice, but I’m not that kind of person that let life happen to me.. 

I choose to feel alive and to push the edges of “normal” further and beyond, to make life happen for me. I’m nothing like “normal”, and today I’m thankful for my rebellious heart and where it has got me. 

There is no other way for me to live, maybe I never settle down or maybe I find my special place somwhere far, far away from Sweden or I need travel the world to find out it’s right here I belong, who knows. I have decided to go find out.

Live life fully, live life everyday. Make your heart sing with joy! 



Be careful what you wish for…

It might just happen. The flip side of the coin is just that, if you just live your life in a phase like there is no end to this life you are safe and hopefully not sorry. What I mean is that it’s a good thing to reconsider your dreams one time more before chasing after them.

We are living our dream now, this last Saturday we launched our boat in the lake for the first time this season. And by this we started to move aboard. It feels bitter sweet, to be honest.

I don’t mean to sound bitter or that I have second thoughts about this, I want to make that clear. What I do want to is to illustrate the duality of our lives, we chase after our goals like a mule chase the carrot and find ourselves standing there scratching our heads and wonder “what now” when we achieve them.

So we achieved our first of many goals, moving aboard. I’m glad that my husband been the doer during this last weeks, because I have been letting myself get affected by the “nej-Sayers” and scarcity with a lot of doubts and hard time letting go of the material things. But just as I said to my loved one; I know this will pass, and when all this is over I will feel relived.

Now that I’m typing this post in our saloon with a cup of tea, my husband beside me and my little son sleeping tight in the v-birth up front, I feel calm. I feel certainty and I have been given a numerous of signs the last week to ensure me that I’m in the right path. Ladybugs, butterfly and the 11:11am clock when I looked at the phone.

I need to remember these feelings of bitter sweetness for the future to come, so I can prepare myself for the emptiness of reaching a goal, and I need to remember that nothing is ever rock solid and goals set today can turn up totally different tomorrow. I’m so happy to get going and to see what the future have in mind for us next.

In two weeks we plan to pull up the anchor and go for some exploration of our beautiful lake Vänern. But first we have some clearance to do in the apartment before we can return the keys. If you want to follow our sailing adventure please visit my husbands and mine common blog Sailing Amie.

To wrap it up, think twice before you chase your dream it might be as you imagined but it might as well turn in a totally different direction than you wish for. If you’re having an open heart and mind you’ll be just fine, otherwise you may feel rather sorry and unsafe in the rocky road to freedom.

Enjoy life!


Follow the signs be brave and trust life 


A song about tearing down windmills and Don Quijote in the playlist on the computer and a week later I was strolling in one of the parks in the neighboring city, never have I noticed the two windmills standing there. One for the child’s play and the other like a monument from the past. 

It gave me goose bums, either my awareness of these little signs are higher than before (possible) or I attract more signs from the universe for me to be shown that I am exactly at the right place right here right now? I believe both to be true.

Anyway, we made up our minds and decided to cancel our rental agreement on the apartment, as I mentioned in the last post. WE DID IT, so from the end of May we will live on the boat. Feels amazing, totally frightening and like we are throwing ourselves out there for life to take us wherever we beed to be next.

So goodbye comfort and hello compact living, it is going to be a challenge but what doesn’t kill you makes you stonger. We will be just fine and we will learn so much from this. And the signs tells me we are doing the right thing, all small hints are pointing us in this direction.

So we are in a bot of a hurry to get all things together with the move, right now our boat is covered on land but we will start to work to get her ready for the season. And we have a home to be minimized and to sell, give away and throw all the stuff we don’t need.

This is where I put myself to the test of letting go, it is hard with some things and so easily done with others, I let it feel awkward and I look at the feeling and ask “is this important, and for what reason do gI hold on to this particular thing?” often it turns out to be for sentimental or conditioning reasons, not so often because I really want to keep it. And if I really want to keep it then it stays.

I have been wondering about my entrepreneurship lately and I am curious to become a content provider, (for those who wonder what that is this sums it up good below)I think it would suit me good, besides from blogging and affiliate marketing business I could help people write content on their blogs, social media and even translate texts. I will definitely look into it and learn more. Please, if you have any ideas where to learn more let me know in the comments or send me an email or message on Facebook.

Content Provider – Firm which supplies text and graphics of articles on interviews, new developments, news stories, etc., that can be employed to make a publication or site more attractive and useful to its readers or visitors. – www.businessdictionary.com 

 Today we have had 64.4 degrees fahrenheit /18 degrees celcius, not a single cloud in the sky and the winds where not freezing for the first time this year. Spring have finally come to the northern hemisphere, and it is most welcome!

Hope you all will have a wonderful, prosperous and sunny week!

Love to you all!


Sad news, letting go and heal yourself… 

 The mind told me not to write a post this evening but the heart knows it makes me feel good to share my thoughts. So I sit here in the sofa with my cup of cinnamon tea and just let the fingers write about any subjects eager to get out in text, as usual.

Today I’m in to self pity, I woke up with a sore throat and a headache which has been my companions for all day now.

It’s been a shaky week since I last posted, with a lot of feelings and emotions going up and down. I got the message that a dear friend of mine suddenly passed away, which caused me to think of what I am doing with my own life, it is a precious thing.

The trip this weekend back to the places where I spent much time in my childhood and have called home for many years made me realize that both places and people changes, and in my innocence this have never crossed my mind. I mean these places could never stop being “home”. Not for a single moment I believed this could happen, but as I walked the streets it struck me as a bullet. This place mean nothing to me anymore, it has nothing but memories of the past to offer.

This place were important to me in the past and the memories will always be in close reach. I think what I’m trying to explain is that I have changed way more than I even knew myself for the last year.

This is a new thing to me, I have kept the belief that some people and places never change, and if everything in the world goes wrong then this is the place for me to hide and seek comfort. It was a bit of a chock when the falsehood of this belief tumbled down and hit me in the head. It’s a good thing though, it’s time to let the past go and to live with less baggage, to travel light.

The lesson to be learned I think, is to never take people for granted and know when to let go of both people and places.

Of course I keep some of these people from the past that I now bid farewell, in my life and give them new roles to play and to have smaller or bigger parts of my heart to keep. And if there is people who still want to be a part of my life it’s partly up to them. I have found the key to self respect and self love and I will keep to my mission, always to do what gives me and my family the most joy out of life and I wish to have that kind of energy in my friendships and relationships with relatives as well.

Life is to short to be lived with second thoughts, or in relations that don’t bring happiness and joy. The tears are only an extension of the laughter and vice versa. Sadly one of my favorite human beings with that kind of energy that could light up a room, were in a hurry to get out of here too early. I will always love you my friend and your place in my heart isn’t vacant.

I would like to recommend a book, a “must read” if you think life is a lesson to be learned. I got this from a new  friend that I met on the internet, that has come to mean a lot to me. Thank you Laura, I’m sure angels comes in many shapes.

I’ve only read till chapter four and I have smiled through tears already, it’s amazing and gives you some insights about the most important person in your life, you. Read it, and if you can’t get a copy of it get back to me and I’ll help you.

The gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open

-Louise L Hay


Breakdown, rise and breakthrough eventually


“There are things you have to do, even if it is dangerous. Otherwise you are not a human being, but a little dirt.”

Astrid Lindgren

The Brothers Lionheart

By this quote I mean that the danger’s not fatal in a way that life ends in a physical way, more like a physiological danger to end up being a zombie or a machine in the society’s wheel of life.

Let me explain; we are brought up by our parents, who in my case are babyboomers from the 40’s, who believes in societies that’s taking care of their working people. You grow up and you go to school where you get thought to be a good employee in a company that will provide you with social security’s like medical care through life and pension when you’ve worked for a lifetime. But this isn’t likely to happen to anyone in my age (+30), because there’s no money in the systems left.

There is a new era now, the schools should teach us how to be good with money and how to make money work for us and not the other way around as it is today. The world needs leaders and entrepreneurs who can create jobs and businesses so that we all can provide ourselves. I know there’s always going to be two kinds of people, the leaders and the followers and that is perfectly ok! But as it is today we are all educated to be followers and not to think outside the box for answers.

I have this in mind as I’ve decided to be my own lucky star and go after the life I always dreamt of and envisioned in my head over the years. I need to put myself out in the danger zone and think for myself and to be creative about my life. To be an employee all my life isn’t an option because that is what I think is a zombie way of life; eat, sleep work and repeat. For goodness sake don’t “dream your life, live your dream!”

Do you believe you’re a machine? That your thoughts and gut feeling is something to just ignore? Here in Sweden there are statistics saying that approximately 32 000 people are at sick leave every year and 200 people dies from stress disorders yearly,  we are 10 000 000 people in this country which makes the numbers fairly high, I think. Sadly I know at least 4-5 people in my circle of friends that has or had some stress disorders.

Still many people think it’s better and more secure to be working for others and trading time for money, thinking it’s too risky and a too high price to pay being a self employee.  Why not try out something new? Something that eventually gives you more time freedom and allow you to work from wherever you’re located in the world.

I’m not saying it’s a piece of cake to start your own business; it’s going to take much time and persistence in the beginning. But as fortunate, the most mistakes have already been made by others in this business. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, find a good system and get a good training in a good team. I have found this and I feel like I’m in good company with likeminded people who praise each other and shares experiences.

If you feel like it, join me in my facebook group and we can discuss this topic further.

Have a great week everyone!



Some stay some goes, change is the only thing constant


A few weeks ago I finished my E-book “The Power of Downscaling” and I promise that things happen in one’s life when using the steps. Last time I did a cleanup in my stuff was 2012 (writes about it in the book) and then we moved to a caravan.

After this, my husband and I gathered new things every now and then, like furniture to a larger accommodation and things to our baby. It is natural, but now it’s time again to cleanse.

However, I could not believe that it would be as it has become, but it is ok and I get stronger and stronger every day.

We have cleared things out since the beginning of January, given away to friends and family and sold some valuables and now the last goes to charity. During this time, I have changed from the inside out not only by this process, but with the help of the people I’ve met in the program I’m involved in and all the training in personal development I received. I have learned a lot, and got a completely different view of how to live life to the fullest and that I control my life by my way to relate to things, it’s all about mindset and to be the master of feelings and thoughts.

I had anticipated that people around me would note this change and that some would question or even dissociate, and I was right. In a perfect world we could see the similarities in each other and in each other’s way of life, instead of focusing on the differences and to let fears control us. Fear can have many guises, which says it only wants your best, the one that says it does it out of love and those who do not veil themselves at all without the anger and recriminations. Love for me, if it comes to a partner, friend or a neighbor is faith, trust and consideration. If I put myself first, does not mean I do not love or care about others.

Some relationships are not meant to be for life, some relationships have a purpose to teach us something about ourselves. I have learned self worth, enough is enough. I accept that not everyone shares my point of view but I want to be shown respect and acceptance for what I believe in, if you do not give me that respect, but believe they have the right to suppress me and manipulate me then you are wrong. I am my own critic, and nowadays my own critic is very loving and understanding and that is how I want it to be.

We need to make love not war, we need to see each other and understand that we are more alike than the differences we have. I challenge myself when I am moving in the community to meet the gaze of the people I meet, I get a little sad when I realize that I find it difficult. But I do it and you know, for every person I meet, it becomes a little easier. The smile I give will receive a response and a cheering. This is what I want to develop more of with myself, to grow in the encounter with other people and I also want to convey to others. I want to create my best life and I want to help others to create the best life they can get, with abundance, love and prosperity on all levels of life.

I’ve realized that if you close one door a new one will open…

Love to you all,


P.s If you are curious about: ”The Power of Downscaling” and would like a copy, please join my Facebook group. Link is up above 🙂 D.s