Characteristic theme of life

Ten years from now I will look back at my life and make a part time summation, I wish my future self to be at ease, filled with joy and pride when doing so. 

I wish myself that kind of feeling like when you want to tap yourself at the back and say “good job, I’m proud of you!” or “way to go girl! Now, let’s keep on rolling 42 more”

I sat with my feet soaked in my son’s bathtub, getting some nice soft skin after the winter with lots of coconut oil. I started to sum up the past ten years, then I was in my early 20’s and had just ended a four year long relationship and had moved back home with my parents for a short time. I was Working part-time as a cleaner and didn’t know what to do with my life. 

Even though I didn’t have a clue about the future I can remember the faith I had even then, not that strong and with the same deep centered feeling I experience today but it was there. I knew I was going to be all right, but how? 

If I got to meet that girl today I would tell her… 

You will soon meet that special someone, who will make you feel complete as well as you want to rip his head of in fury… You will live on a farm with horses, cats and chickens for a while and meet friends for life during this time, you will meet people that will teach you lessons that will strengthen you for further more challenging situations, like a crazy landlord hiding in the darkness of the stable… 

You will live in the city, and realize it’s not your “cup of tea” after almost ruined the relationship with the chosen one… Attending a class in cheese-making 600 kilometers away from home, making friends that will give the reinkarnation theory a whole new meaning. When you get back home you will proceed with starting your own handcrafted cheese production business as the only one from the class, all this and at the same time moving in to a caravan…

You will fail in this business after some struggling years, after letting some abusive people be trusted in to your life, only to feel the gratitude of lessons learned. Expensive experiences but yet so very improving, selfworth is a hard thing to get for some people, almost every person I think. 

 To your own and some old friends surprise, you will be engaged and have a small wedding in the back yard of your brother’s house, barefoot with rose hip flowers in your hair. And you will be a mum, to the most beautiful and unique little boy. You will have so much love in your life, people will come and go but they all will contribute with some special moments, meaning or/and lessons to your life. 

I am so greatful and happy to be alive and to have lived the life I have, and I want to thank everyone of you who’s been a part of it. Even the smallest tiniest bit, thank you! 

I know that I haven’t lived a life of mediocrity up til now and I will not start to do it from now either, I trust in the universe and I have faith in the inner voice that’s guided me up to this point, to guide me further on. I’m ready to start out on this adventure with my family and I approve of myself to have all my needs provided and fulfilled. 

Today is a good day, my feet are smooth and I have my loving family with me. 

Thank you for reading this and have a lovely week! 



Farewells and hard work 

Wednesday, all ready?! 

Feels like it just speed up for each day, for me it seems like yesterday it was Friday. Funerals are never something to look forward to, and nevertheless I didn’t want to miss this one. 

The weather was so good, warm and sunny with birds singing in every three, the Bob Marley’s “three little birds” was a good way to start the ceremony. I am so thankful that I got the chance to bid the final farewell to my loved friend Tina, it was so beautiful and the tears fell from my eyes right from the start. 

This woman was so loved, there was so many people in the chappell and the cortege with cars towards the cemetery seemed endless. I am so happy and thankful for having her as a friend and I have learned so much from her, she was always good to everyone, if she had as little as a penny left when buying food to survive the day she’d share it with the beggars outside the store. And she always had the time to listen if someone needed to talk, and she never spoke a bad word about anyone and lived her life in gratitude, I know she wasn’t that good at putting her own needs first, which is sad. 

I ought to you Tina, that we are now doing these changes in our lives, the loss of you in that early age reminded us that we are mortals and each minute of every day is precious. Thank you for the time we had together and rest in peace til we meet again. ❤️

The errors of this week has been time, too little of it or too much to fill it with. We have been working hard to get some major things done in our boat, only a couple of weeks left now until we relaunches her in the water. This has brought us off routine with both our eating and sleeping habits, if we ever had any. We try to keep it good for our little one but for ourselves it’s hard. 

To work towards the goals we have makes us forget which time and day it is, we are that dedicated. And it feels good to be doing this. 

Wish you all a Happy Easter!