Ignorance… Is bliss

Sometimes when I meet ignorant people I just can’t seem to find the strength I need to prevent them to get under my skin.. It’s like a disease multiples inside and I just want to escape this earth. Instead of standing tall and questioning their ignorance towards people that aren’t like minded. 

The most awkward thing is that I start to question myself and my beliefs or actions and if my path is the right one or if I should just surrender to the “normal” world order.i get to convince myself that no one else needs to understand or approve my life, but respect it and leave it. 

I see no bad thing in questioning things from time to time and reconsider or reevaluate the situation one are in, it’s a must do if one live a life in truth to oneself, but the bitter taste isn’t left behind in such situation. 

Ignorance and certainty of a subject with no understanding for others point of view is a cancer in this world today, and the one who is querying this is derided and/or ridiculed by the masses and the invoke of  “science and proven experience” as they say in this particular authority. 

Once again there is nothing good in the way to beautify being unique in this western society. Today I wonder how on earth am I going to look my son in the eyes and urge him to be unique and to stand for what he believe is right in his heart when I know how he will be treated? If nothing happens soon that turn this world around and makes it a place where love and understanding for the fact that everyone has their own path and life purpose to be outlived instead of discourage people with different ideas to stay inside the lines. Then this downward spiral is going to increase at the speed of an avalanche with hatred and fear. 

All the invisible lines that is unspoken but so clear once it’s overstepped. Or all the voluntary participations we have in this society, that infact weren’t voluntary when you skipped one… Or didn’t do it the right way. 

I’m pissed and I’m tired of being forced inside boundaries and limitations that makes me feel untrue to me and my loved ones. I will not stop questioning people and their ignorance towards new or alternative facts. I will continue living my life in trust to my heart and soul. 

I will raise my son to think for himself and to stay true to hos heart. But I will teach him that the quote: “Ignorance is bliss” are likewise to “Lack of knowledge results in happiness; it is more comfortable not to know certain things” 

I know that most people act out of their own reality and altered degrees of knowledge, that is ok! This particular situation is about an encounter with as it’s called educated people with position of power, which is scary to think of. 

Happy weekend!