Goals and why’s

In the end of 2016 me and my husband made our vision board, we sat down with a couple of bags with magazines and started to cut out pictures and texts from those that we want in our life. We ended up with lots of boat related pics, white sandy beaches,  palm trees and a lot of online entrepreneurship materials too. 

Now we are about to put our will to the test by ending our rental agreement on our apartment and go and live on our boat over the summer. This makes my comfort zone shiver a bit I can promise you that. 

One thing I’ve learned, is to trust the movement and taking action when the heart tells you to. Up till now I have never been 100% wrong, I have made mistakes and things haven’t turned out quite as planned but hey, I’m here and alive!

We have plans to move the boat down south to Gothenburg or nearby before the winter season and we trust in the universe to provide us with a furnished property to rent down there next winter. (if you’re in sweden and know someone who owns a summer house that is empty in low season, let me know) 

What is the next step then? 

We are heading south, and have decided to take the European water ways through Germany and down to France where we enter the Mediterranean sea. Until a few days ago we where certain about going the outside route in the Atlantic Ocean but we have both felt like we would miss out on a lot of great places in Europe by doing so. 

In some ways it feels like we now have released the ball in a down hill, no turning back. But I know that the past and the now hasn’t given us what we expected in life so it’s worth the change to bring some new horizons to the scene and the chances are good we might be happy and more vivid. 

Why are we doing this? 

As I see it, there is no other way for us to be together as a family, don’t get me wrong, but in the “normal” way we don’t fit in. We have come to conclusions that is so far from the “normal” in so many ways that we just can’t live life the way that is expected of us. 

For example we do not vaccinate our child, we do not eat food that contains more than one ingredient each, we do not give our child gluten or diary products and when we get sick we usually turn to some alternative way to heal ourselves. Oh, and did I mention that we canceled our prenumeration on TV channels six years ago and that I do not read mainstream media or listen to news at the radio. 

I don’t think we are unique in the world, we are just strangers in our own community

Sweden may have been a role model for the “good country” in the 90’s but today we are left behind in many areas. The school system seems to be way past rescue, with too many kids in each class, pupils with no respect for thir teachers and grades that seem to get lower for every year. And the health care, it is world class when it comes to emergency treatment and surgery but if you have some other disorder it’s focused on medical treatment and drugs. The quote “my food is my medicine” are forgotten or ignored, we still feed our cancer patients with sugary foods at the hospitals and tell them to eat sugar during chemotherapy, despite reported evidence that sugar feeds the cancer. (!?)  

I know I can be considered as a grumpy and bitter person writing this, but I’ve seen, read and experienced too much of those above to withstand more of it or to risk my son or any of us to get into it deeper. 

 So we’ll leave, hopefully for good. No flight, simply a movement in to the new and hopefully better. 

Sincerely yours, 

not bitter at all…